Clean, Modern Design for Your Small Business.

Every company needs a presence on the web. Small business must work smarter and more efficiently to compete in the modern market place. Jadee Designs will build your customized site to meet your specific needs and then provide ongoing support. Your business is constantly changing and improving so should your website.

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Blog - Random Projects  From A Small Design Firm


There are several "must haves" for todays small business; a website and a Facebook page tops the list. Facebook's new Timeline format lets the user customize their space in a way that engages the user and shows what they are about. Jadee Designs can customize your profile and cover art so that it showcases your business and puts your best professional foot forward.


The ultimate goal of your logo should be to promote instant public recognition. The best corporate logos are simple and memorable. In most cases it should be easy to reproduce in different mediums, the web, print, embroidery and signage. Here are some examples of what we have produced for our valued customers.


Your website is not your window to the world, it's the window where the world sees you. If you have a physical location for your business, you are limited to the people in your geographical region. A website makes you accessible to everyone in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a clean, modern site, you can show millions of potential customers what you have to offer. Above are examples of websites that we have produced for our customers. Each picture is a link that will take you to their site; you can explore how Jadee Designs helped to create the right site to fit their needs.